Terms Of Business
Effective:  June 2004
Any order is subject to the
exact wording of the following
"Terms of Business".
Changes need to be confirmed.
Our service contains planning, development, programming and designing of new or the revision of an existing website corresponding to the descriptions on the homepage of "Jörg Leissen Web-Design" plus the additional services mentioned there as well. If desired care and maintanance of a website for a longer period of time is possible too. Circumference and prices of booked services will be regulated for every order seperately by contract.
Suitable webspace, domains and email adresses can be find and prepared by us. This is realised by booking services at other companys. Complaints related to those services can only be done against the concerning companies. "Jörg Leissen Web-Design" cannot be responsible or give garanty for such services.
All content material, texts, graphics and photos have to be provided by the customer. The client is responsible for providing those material in time, for completeness, correctness and vadility of the delivered and used material. If not caused by us no garanty does exist for consequences of those mentioned problems. Graphics and photos will be optimized for the internet use by us.
The customer is obligated to check his contents, offered services, domain name, etc. in relation to the law of Germany or other states and especially in relation to the copyright of other persons or companys, for example author and brand name and is responsible for that by his own. "Jörg Leissen Web-Design" can only give advises and can never replace a legally consultation and cannot be responsible for any demands. We are never liable for prohibited contents in any form (pornographic, politic, insulting, damaging a reputation). Provided products from us are not allowed to be extended with such contents. In case of any offence the user license extinguishes. Further more "Jörg Leissen Web-Design" is allowed to delete the complete internet homepage from the server, close the access to the customer login on the website of "Jörg Leissen Web-Design" without warning and finally terminate the contract relationship. The customer has to exempt "Jörg Leissen Web-Design" from any claims which are caused by any infringement described here and has to compensate for any damage "Jörg Leissen Web-Design" suffers from because of demands of other persons or companys.
For Creating of homepage layouts or additional delivery of pictures and photos for contents of a remittance work also bought or free graphical material will be used. Because of that customers cannot assume that some single website parts does not exist a second time on the internet. For the use of only own and single copyright graphical material there has to be made additional written agreements and additional costs might be generated.
The copyright of websites, scripts and products remains with the author. Only a utilization license or permission is given which starts when the produced service is paid by the customer. The delivered services are not allowed to be sold commercially or to be used by other persons or companys for free.
With signing a contract the client agrees that a link is set on "Jörg Leissen Web-Design" leading to his product for advertising reasons and that there might occurr additional traffic because of that.
With signing a contract the client agrees that an inconspicuous link like "Copyright by Jörg Leissen Web-Design" for example is placed on his website or product.
Before granting an order the customer will get a price calculation based on the customers declerations and wishes in relation to the estimated expenditure of time and costs. By agreement to this (verbal or written, also fax or email) a contract is signed and an order is given.
After presentation of the first blueprint the customer has the opportunity to state requests for changes which can but not have to be realised if the changes are not exceeding the booked service too much. After delivery or publication of the final product defects or faults and requests for minor changes or similar things if not too extravagant can be made within 14 days, otherwise no obligation or liability exists. In that case one revision will be executed. In general major changes have to be seen like a new contract and are excluded therefore.
The final product is sent on a data medium or uploaded directly on the related webspace in the internet. The customer is obliged by his own to store the delivered data as long as he is need of them. An additional storage of "Jörg Leissen Web-Design" is achieved but cannot be garanteed. In case of loss of data of the seller the customer has to deliver back the corresponding data to "Jörg Leissen Web-Design" without charge for free if still existing.
For delays in production or not meeting promised services caused by reasons which cannot be prevented like defects of telecomunication services for example "Jörg Leissen Web-Design" is not responsible. In that case the customer cannot demand any compensation. "Jörg Leissen Web-Design" can only be responsible for intended careless behaviour.
The use of our scripts or components in foreign websites belongs to the operator of this website. "Jörg Leissen Web-Design" cannot be responsible for problems or damages regarding to such kind of use.
For business customers the fee has to be paid with completion and delivery of the service and will be called per invoice. If not statet differently the payment has to be made within 14 days after receiving the invoice on the named bank account. For private customers the execution of any order is only done when payd before.
The agreed fee has to be payd even if the client has changed his opinion after making an order and does not want to use the product anymore.
In the case of default of the payment the outstanding pay will be reminded by an admonition and an admonition fee has to be paid additionally. Further more a utilization permission extinguishes or will not get effective. If possible the produced website will be deleted from the server on which it is stored. If existing the access to the customer login section on the website of "Jörg Leissen Web-Design" will be deleted. The termination of the contract agreement without notice is reserved. The liability to pay remains ontouched.
A value-added tax is not charged. In Germany small businesses are not allowed to charge a avalue-added tax.
In case of booking a service the customer does agree that his personal data is stored electronically for means of customer service related reasons.
Those terms of business are published in the internet on the website of "Jörg Leissen Web-Design" at all times. When booking a service it is assumed that the customer has read and does agree to those terms.
In the case that single of these terms are not applicable or contestable the remaining terms stay valid and untouched.
If further more single or all of these terms and conditions are not legally binding the valid general law will be applicable instead of.
Place of creation and therefore legal venue is the Rebublic of Germany. So the contract conditions and relationship between all parties belong to the law of The Rebublic of Germany. For all parties the legal venue is the one of our place of business.